Our team from Advanced Industries traveled to Houston for the biennial ABB Customer World held March 4-7th. We were honored to have our very own Chris Terrell speaking on a panel regarding their Plant Fingerprint Assessment. Chris’s extensive knowledge of plant site operations and drive/instrumentation sales put him in a unique position to provide perspective from both sides.

Curious to know what this service can offer your plant? First let’s dive into what ABB’s Plant Fingerprint is.

  • Collaborative process to understand your
    value chain and identify opportunities for
    continuous improvement
  • Holistic approach for improved plant
  • Reliability centered approach for electrical
  • Quantify costs and benefit in economic
    (ROI) and strategic terms
  • Span entire asset life cycle
  • Develop a catalyst for innovation

The objective here is simple: To identify the highest business impact actions for optimizing operations. This includes reducing life cycle cost of ownership, increasing production, quality and flexibility, improving compliance and safety performance, enhancing skills and competence, predicting cost and cash flows as well as identify and manage risks associated with daily operations. If you’re interested in this service please call our office in Venus to setup an appointment. Together, Advanced Industries and ABB are here to improve your business in all aspects and point you in the right direction for continued success.