Advanced Industries is proven to provide our customers with the service standard for Vendor Managed Inventories. AI is active with Customer owned inventories or consigned inventories, and provides consistent weekly replenishment and accurate accounting of the products supplied through VMI programs.

From gasket boards to bin type items like tube fittings, electrical tape, butt splices and condulets, AI can provide year round service for daily maintenance use items, or temporary VMI services for shutdowns, outages and projects.

Vendor Managed Inventories - Advanced Industries

VMI Capabilities:

Material is commonly cataloged within our operating system by customer part number or stock code number, and usages and expenditures are reported to our customers by their material number periodically and as required.

Initial or established minimum and maximum VMI quantities are reviewed with our customers to reduce costs of overstock, or unavailability from understock. Obsolete and unused items are removed as agreed, and support inventories in a minimum of three month’s supply to the programs are maintained at both our AI base locations.

AI is experienced, capable and ready to work with you to review your existing VMI programs or help you to establish new ones. Try the “AI Difference”.

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