ABB/GE IS partners with Advanced Industries

In 2018 ABB purchased GEIS (GE Industrial Solutions).  This helped expand ABB’s already extensive offering in the industrial electrical and critical power market.   In 2020 Advanced Industries partnered with ABB/GEIS in the industrial market to expand their electrical install base.  With over 40 years of experience in the industrial market, AI was a natural choice… Details

Forward Thinking Solutions

Advanced Industries can offer our customers forward-thinking solutions that they often cannot find elsewhere. A recent example of this being the below Air Slide Gate Valve for the cement production industry. Formerly a Halliburton product, this valve had since been discontinued and was no longer supported. We began working with a local foundry to start… Details

Supplier Excellence

In January 2019 a Nationally Recognized Rail-car Manufacturer elected to contract outside services to provide maintenance, stores and purchasing responsibilities at several of their larger facilities. New to the area, and accustomed to purchasing through national MRO agreements, the new service provider was unaware of the long-standing service and source of supply through Advanced Industries.… Details


Once again Advanced Industries and ABB teamed up to provide a true drive experience for the customer.   ABB provided this amazing drives trailer in order to showcase all that they have to offer on drives and soft starts.   It didn’t hurt to have a taco truck on site so everyone could eat while they toured… Details

Air Leak Detection Solves Actuator Malfunction

When an East Texas Power Plant’s header system of injection water to the bottom ash sumps continued to operate well below the optimum level, plant reliability was called on. At first opportunity, the double-acting, air actuated, high-performance butterfly valves installed on the header were inspected. In test performances, some of the valves would open or… Details

Thermocouple Solutions

In a cement plant in South Texas, we went through their stock of thermo-couples and determined where they went, how they were used and how often they were potentially failing. We then found misused applications and utilized the correct solution for that application.  Failures and overhead decreased which helped production to increase. Thanks to our… Details

RTO Project for Local Cement Plant

A local cement plant in North Texas called upon Advanced Industries to assist in several custom electrical panel builds for their Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System. These panels are used as the control centers for each respective RTO unit. For many cement plants, pollution control equipment is now necessary to comply with EPA emission standards.… Details