Serving the Greater North and East Texas Regions

Advanced Industries serves a wide range of industries including Cement Plants, Mining, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Railcar Manufacturing, Steel Mills, Midstream Processors and Industrial Contractors. Specialty products to serve these industries have long been a core offering for Advanced Industries.

Specialty Products

Browse our inventory of specialty products and equipment:

  • Graco Painting & Finishing Products
  • Teadit Custom Gaskets & Sealing Solutions
  • Zepco Flue Duct Expansion Joints
  • ESP Flame & Gas Emissions Detection
  • Tylok Instrumentation Fittings
  • Leslie / Spence Controls and Regulators
  • Nicholson Steam Traps
  • Fabricated Strainers
  • Harrington Hoist
  • Ball Mill Linings
  • Piping Expansion Joints
  • Tainter Gate Seals
  • ABB Motors & Drives
  • ABB Instrumentation
  • In Line Automatic Filtration Systems
  • Custom Fabricated Hose


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