Teadit’s mission is to develop, manufacture and supply high quality and cost effective fluid sealing solutions through their products, technical services and application services. Additionally, they maintain a spirit of creativity, decentralization, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout the TEADIT┬« group of companies.

Here are a few of the field services available through Teadit®:

  • Valve Stem Packing Extraction and Replacement
  • Packing Installation
  • Gasket Installation
  • Field Fabrication of Gaskets
  • Expansion Joint Installation
  • Leakage Trouble-Shooting
  • Product Training Seminars
  • Gasket Bolting Calculations Software
  • Product/Application Literature
  • Industrial Gaskets Handbook
  • Internet Website/Technical Data

Gaskets / Sealing Products

Advanced Industries is recognized as a distributor leader in fluid sealing solutions through our alliance with Teadit and other quality manufacturers. Our inventory and product availability include Spiral Wound Gaskets, Corrugated Graphite Gaskets, Cammprofile Gaskets, Double Jacketed Gaskets, Special Alloy Metal Gaskets, Compression Valve Stem and Pump Packing, Compressed Non-Asbestos Gasket Sheet Materials, PTFE Sheet, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant and Sheet Material, Graphite Sheet and Die Cut and Precision Cut Soft Gaskets from most all available materials.

  • Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Double Jacketed Gaskets
  • Ring Joint Gaskets
  • Non-Asbestos Gaskets
  • Teflon Gaskets
  • Rubber & Soft Gaskets
  • Sheet Material
  • Mechanical Packing
Gaskets - Advanced Industries