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When protecting a circuit or device fuses are an integral part of the line. We keep a wide variety of common fuses like class J, RK1, and RK5 250 and 600 Volt rated. We also have quick acting and time delay class CC, glass, and Midget fuses available at a moment’s notice. The most unique thing about our fuse inventory at AI is that we stock semi-conductor fuses in order to protect those expensive electronic items within the plant like drives. Other fuses and fuse accessories we are happy to help with include medium voltage fuses, fuse blocks, and fuse reducers. Feel free to ask us about any fuses, and remember fuses are the first line of defense in protecting circuits and devices.

  • RK1 & RK5
  • Class J
  • Class L
  • Class T
  • Class CC
  • Midget Fuses
  • Medium & High Voltage
  • Fuse Blocks
  • Power Distribution Blocks
  • Other Fuses