Notable Projects and Case Studies

Elevator Cable

Cement plant had to replace a special cable used on an elevator approximately every 6 months since 2007. The cable was costing approximately $19,000/order verses a one-time order of $27,188.

Advanced took the cable’s specifications and was able to work with a manufacturer to outfit the cable with a Kevlar reinforced jacket. While the initial cost was approximately 30% more, the cable has now been in use for over five years.

This cable has saved Cement plant money on the cable replacement costs, and has prevented downtime.


A field service employee measured and worked with electricians at Cement plant to retrofit discontinued items for shutdown. All material was delivered on time, with exact dimensions.

  • 2-500KVA
  • 1-750KVA
  • 1-1000KVA

Transformers were delivered to site on required date per spec and placed into immediate service causing no unplanned downtime.

Halliburton Valve

Cement plant uses a Halliburton dual rotor valve on their silos for distribution. When the valve was discontinued, Advanced Industries picked up the old valve, sourced a manufacturer, and was able to get the valve casted and remanufactured to the customer's specifications.

The newly manufactured valve included a slightly modified mounting bracket for an easier fit, and an oversized cylinder for quicker operation and less loss of material.

The new valves have been in service for 7 years, and Advanced was able to offer these valves at an approximate 10% better price than the original.

Halliburton valve

Wire Theft

Batch plants across DFW have had a problem with copper theft. When the Desoto batch plant was hit by copper thieves, Advanced had all the necessary wire and materials in stock to get the plant running.

The batch plant maintenance team was able to get to work getting the plant up and running the same day the problem was found.

Advanced was also able to supply the batch plants with flood lights, in a very timely manner, to light the area and discourage any further damage.

Arc Flash Gear

After an electrical audit, Cement plant was mandated to have certain ARC FLASH protection. Advanced worked with Midlothian and Hunter in order to outfit electricians with proper protection.

Advanced talked with the electricians who would be wearing the protection on a daily basis. This enabled Advanced to provide clothing similar to the clothing already being worn, but with the necessary ARC FLASH protection.

Advanced was able to provide blue jeans, work shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, blankets, hot sticks, face shields to the workers.

Slurry Valve Packing Leaks

Lignite / Coal fired power plants process tons of ash per day. Knife gate valves in bottom ash slurry are often over pressured causing packing leaks and other damage to the valves.

AI was asked to help provide product solutions that could reduce maintenance and keep operations going in this tough application. AI along with Fabricast Valve LLC collected all the operating data available, and began the process of a series of modifications to FV150 series knife gate valve.

With the addition of a cone deflector to reduce wear, and a newly designed liner with special UCP packing, the new application specific valve has proven to be a moderately priced valve, with extended life and fewer packing leaks than more expensive competing valve brands.

Steam Utilization Solutions

When a Texas chemical plant began to purchase their steam from an outside source, the true cost of utilities was realized immediately. Advanced Industries was asked to recommend solutions to identify steam loss within the facility, and propose best choice steam traps for the multiple non process applications such as steam tracing lines and condensate drip legs.

AI arranged for a complete plant survey of steam leaks, failed steam traps and other steam loss issues, and worked with plant reliability to develop a trap selection guide of Nicholson Steam Traps. Steam purchased per month was reduced by many thousands of dollars immediately as solutions provided were acted on.

AI continues to provide products and field support including site inspections and training of plant operations and maintenance personnel as costs of operation continue to see positive effects.


A customer was in need of 5 enclosed heavy duty softstarts built to their specs within a set time frame. We checked with multiple manufacturers and none could meet the time frame based on the requirements of the customer.

Advanced Industries used in house knowledge and parts to build and test the softstarts to the customer’s requirement; and was able to have them delivered on site within the specified time frame allowing no delays in the project at hand.