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Conduit Fittings

Conduit fittings and condulets are an item used in every run of conduit. At Advanced, we know that making a run of conduit may require everything from set screw couplings to 6 inch pulling elbows. We keep a wide variety of fittings for any need.  We keep a full selection of EMT set screw and watertight fittings from ½” to 3”. We also keep a full selection of condulets for runs of rigid; Form 7, and 35 fittings as well as explosion proof fittings like GUA’s and EYD’s. We carry brands like Appleton, O-Z Gedney, and Thomas & Betts, so we will be sure to have anything you may need in any application.

  • Form 7
  • Form 35
  • Device Boxes
  • Hazardous Fittings
  • EMT Fittings
  • Flexible Conduit Fittings
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